Social Contribution

Nepal is an agriculturally based developing country with a low literacy rate with almost non-existence of employment opportunity. This opportunity is even scarce in case of women. Though in small scale, SHS supports and employs women from the poor family residing in the peripheral rural area of Kathmandu with minimum or no education at all.

All the workers in Spicy Home Spices Pvt Ltd are women from poor and needy family with almost no income. Spicy Home Spices has been able to provide steady work to them. Salaries from the work not only help these women to support their family but also chase their dreams. From the steady salary, they are able to look after their family and pay for some of the other activities like schooling their children and pursuing income generating activities.

The scope of agriculture production in Nepal is very wide. Varieties of spices and other agricultural products can be found here. The problem the producers face is marketing and selling their products. From our work, we provide a source of foreign market opportunities for farmers who live in rural village areas. Through this the farmers can receive regular income to support their families.